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Best Lambda Carrageenan Supplier for Your Factory Production

Some of you might be in search for lambda carrageenan supplier since you want to get this item for your factory production. When that is the reason, then you have come to the right place as we will talk more about this supplier. However, some of you might never even hear about this item at all, although in fact it has been used inside different kinds of product that you might always use. Especially since the carrageenan itself has special ability which able to gel, thicken, as well as stabilize many things. So when this item is used by the factory for their product production, then the production will be easier and the product appearance will be better. Thus that is one of the reasons why many factories love to use it in their factory production.

Searching for the best lambda carrageenan supplier
You should know that the carrageenan itself has three kinds of types and the lambda carrageenan supplier provides one of the types, which is the lambda type. Furthermore the carrageenan is created using red variety seaweed which results in different types of item. Those types are differentiated by using the sulfurylation degree that each type has, also on each type the amount of sulphate group which available on its disaccharide is also different. So on this lambda type carrageenan, it has 3 sulphate groups on its disaccharide.
Furthermore those types are also contains different amount of ester sulfate that stays in different location. Meanwhile on this lambda type carrageenan it owned the highest level of ester sulfate. And because of that reason, the solubility temperature on this lambda type carrageenan is very low and the gelling strength has also become very low. So when you discus more about this lambda type carrageenan, then you will know that it is the type that does not gel even though it is able to thicken the substance which mixed well with it. But many people search for best lambda carrageenan supplier because of this unique ability as it is very suitable to be used inside dairy product. Furthermore this type of carrageenan also able to dissolved inside cold temperature which make it even easier to be used.
You should know that all types of carrageenan are actually can be created using the same variety of red seaweed. But just that the variety should be in different growing stage so it will create different types of carrageenan. Then for this lambda type of carrageenan, the supplier will need to use variety of red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage.
To create this item, the lambda carrageenan supplier will need to make a seaweed farm so they can get the variety of red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage. As it is quite hard to accidentally found seaweed, that is actually still in the sporophyte growing stage naturally. In the farm, the red seaweed movement will be controlled using nylon lines which attached into some kinds of sticks which float on the sea surface and made using bamboo material. After couples of months then the red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage is ready for harvest. Then the farmers will dry it first so it is ready for transportation to be processes inside the factory.
Inside the lambda carrageenan supplier factory location, then the dried red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage is ground, sieved, and rinsed so all the dirt will go away. Next is to cook it using alkali liquid as this liquid is the one that is able to create the lambda type carrageenan to comes out from the dried red seaweed which actually still in the sporophyte growing stage. As it also creates cellulose at the same time, then mechanical method is used to remove it. Lastly, it will be disperse and the solid form will be ground to make it into powder lambda carrageenan.
Those are the complete process which used by lambda carrageenan supplier to create their product. With the best process they are able to create the best product, so you do not need to be worry when you want to get the best product then you only need to be in touch with the best supplier here.

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