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Vannamei Shrimp Sizes, Length, Weight and Coding System

The vannamei shrimp sizes are varied even though there is a general size that you can use to understand more about it. This vannamei shrimp is already breeds for commercial usage. Especially there is a market for this shrimp as it is often use as food item in many places all around the world. The breeding process itself is done in a shrimp farm which spread in many locations everywhere around the world. Because of this commercial usage, many shrimp supplier want to know more about this shrimp size so they can know whether the shrimp that they farm already in the maximum size or not.

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But for the customer itself, the vannamei shrimp sizes are important so they will know how much shrimp that they will get when they purchase the shrimp in a package. Actually all of the sizes information is already given on the package that you purchase. But that information is written in the form of codes which may become confusing to read for some people. Experienced people in the shrimp farming and producing industry already know about these sizes. Thus they already know about the meaning of that codes used in the package which describes the shrimp sizes. However, for the customer who only eats the shrimp and not purchasing for further processing might not know the meaning of the codes as they are not experienced with industrial codes. That is why; you need more knowledge to be able to know more information about this coding system which will be explained later on here.
But first, let us talk about the vannamei shrimp sizes which occur naturally in their living time. Even though the shimp itself can grow in various sizes, but the maximum size of vannamei shrimp that is ever record is on 230 millimetres in length and that is in 23 centimeters in length or it is in 9.1 inches in length. Of course, not all shrimp has that big size as it is only the maximum sizes ever recorded. Thus you are more likely to found vannamei shrimp in smaller sizes when you fish for this shrimp in the sea. Nevertheless seeing from that size, we can say that the vannamei shrimp is among the large sizes shrimp that you can find. That might also be the reason why a lot of people in shrimp industry are interested in farming this shrimp species.
Now when you want to know about the vannamei shrimp sizes which you can see on the product package in the form of codes, then you should know about the way to read these codes. When the shrimp is already pack, then the sizes used for the shrimp is not the length as the one used to measure vannamei shrimp in their natural habitat. Instead this packaged shrimp will be using weight as the sizes thus the codes actually used to describe it even though you need to count it further to know the real meaning behind the code.
On the package usually you will see codes in the form of two numbers which put in raw, for example 40-50, 31-35, 51-60, 100-200, and many others. Those codes are actually used to describe how much vannamei shrimp that you will get in every pound of the shrimp which is only 454 gram for every pound. For example if you see 40-50 vannamei shrimp sizes, then this number means you will get 40-50 of vannamei shrimps for every 454 gram weight. That also means that each vannamei shrimps will have around 11.35 gram to 9.08 gram of weight as the sizes.
The bigger the number that you see on the code, that also means the shrimp size is smaller. However, you should also know that the vannamei shrimp product is market in different form which will also affect the weight size of the shrimp itself. A vannamei shrimp which marketed with head on form will surely be heavier than a vannamei shrimp which marketed with head off. This makes the shrimp sizes become further varied so you need to pay attention to the form when trying to know about its sizing. Now that you know about the vannamei shrimp sizes then you can choose product with suitable sizes that you need.

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