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Ordering Best Frozen Raw Pd Vannamei Shrimp

Frozen raw pd vannamei shrimp shipped to various countries including America, Australia, Europe Union (EU), and many Asian countries known for they love for seafood like Japan, Korea, China, etc. The frozen vannamei pd means that the shrimp is already peeled and deveined (pd) so customers no longer need to peel and devein the shrimp on their own. It makes them easier to be processed or cooked for many use like seafood dishes in tops hotels and restaurants. Buying frozen raw vannamei from shrimp is easier now because you can option for online shopping. The shrimp will be delivered via airship for export import activities.
Frozen raw pd vannamei shrimp from Asian countries
When you want to order vannamei shrimp from Asian countries, you need to make sure that the suppliers are able to ship you the freshest vannamei shrimp. Fresh in here it does not mean raw and alive shrimp, but at least the frozen shrimp just few days earlier been caught, get frozen immediately, and then deliver to your door in overnight shipping service. If you run a business, having the freshest shrimp is important due to the quality of the taste and texture they can offer. Although the shrimp can last for 6 months when stored in freezer with -30 degrees Celsius and less than that when temperature setting up to -20 and -10 degrees Celsius, but still, the freshest shrimp will taste much better.
Why frozen raw pd vannamei?
It is because you do not need to clean the shrimp on your own, when you want to cook the shrimp; there is a thin line with black color right on the back of the shrimp. You should pull out and remove the black string because it is the shrimp digestive tract and when it is black then it means the string full of grit.
Actually the decision to remove the black string is a matter of preference. However, if you feeling uncomfortable eating them then it is better to devein it, other people also think that the black string give unappealing appearance when served. Although most of people found it difficult to devein medium to small shrimp and this is why you can just simply order them already being deveined in the form of frozen raw pd vannamei shrimp.
Fortunately, vannamei shrimp or whiteleg shrimp has large size so it will be easier for the suppliers to devein them properly and it takes no long time to do it. As for the decision to peel or not to peel, it also depends on the customers. Most of hotels and restaurants do not have time to peel the shell of the shrimp and thus they are like to cook and serve the shrimp still in their shell. Maybe you are okay to eat or consume unpeeled shrimp while others found it bothering. It is all about preference, however if you want to please the customers, you can order pd vannamei shrimp because you do not need to peel the shell on your own.
Why raw and not cooked pd vannamei shrimp?
When you want to process the shrimp, for example, you want to add more flavors to the shrimp or you want to cook them then it is better to buy raw shrimp rather than precooked or cooked shrimp. Why? It is because adding more flavors to the already cooked shrimp is hard and you usually the taste is not that good. Raw shrimp is easier to add some flavor and thus always buying uncooked shrimp that already peeled and deveined to save time.
Looking for frozen raw pd vannamei shrimp is quite challenging, however you can try to contact them directly or send your quotation to ask for the price, stock, and whether you can get some discount when you order certain amount of shrimp. It is easier to look for Asian suppliers since majority of shrimp producers are from developing countries like Indonesia, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, etc.
Ask the how they cultivate and harvest their shrimp and whether they sourced the shrimp from wild ocean or farmed shrimp. Most of the shrimp exported to many countries are from farmed shrimp though, but it is okay as long as you certain about the sustainability of the suppliers.

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