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Indonesia Vannamei Shrimp Suppliers with Best Quality Export Product

Indonesia vannamei shrimp suppliers are able to create best quality product to be export all around the world. With the increase of global vannamei shrimp then they are able to fulfill the demand so they can further develop the shrimp to get better. The development itself can get better as they already learned advanced farming method which they use in their production process.  This advanced farming method combine with vannamei shrimp which naturally grows very fast makes the supplier able to supply their product in large quantity continuously. Furthermore that product is supplied in best quality thus the suppliers from Indonesia are really trusted.

Best quality export product from Indonesia vannamei shrimp suppliers
To be able to create the best quality product the Indonesia vannamei shrimp suppliers should be able to get the best broodstock to breed in their farm. This broodstock is a special SPR one that does not contain any dangerous pathogen thus it is safe to breed. The broodstock itself is usually coming from two kinds of sources. The first source one is from the US country as they already specifically developed the broodstock to be pathogen free so it is safe to breed in other country. The second source is from local breeder which already developed pathogen free broodstock by themselves locally. As the price of local broodstock is usually cheaper, then it is the source that usually chooses by the supplier. Furthermore they also do not need to worry about this source as it also has the same quality as the broodstock which sources from the US country.
After getting the broodstock to breed, then the Indonesia vannamei shrimp suppliers are only needs to breed it. The process itself is done inside maturing tank which stored in dark places. Then the tank will be filled using water from the sea, however the water will be cleaned and filtered first before usage. This is important so the water will have suitable quality which needed by the shrimp to spawn. The nauplii that resulted from the spawn will then moved into different rearing tank for further growing. This special tank is created in U or V shape with opening on the bottom so the water can easily be drained from inside the tank. The reason is because the water inside the tank needs to be change regularly. This is important so the water quality can be maintained so the larvae can grow as the shrimp will stay inside this tank for at least 21 days.
After the larvae already grow then the shrimp is ready to be move into the pond. The Indonesia vannamei shrimp suppliers usually prepare this pond in an area which is far from the tidal wave location or even better, the pond can be prepare in an area that is far from the sea. This location is important as they need to drain the water from inside the pond so it can be repaired and prepared for the next shrimp growing period. Especially since this practice is also able to increase the production result significantly thus this practice continues to be done by the suppliers.
Usually the pond which created by the Indonesia vannamei shrimp suppliers is made from soil, however they also uses liners as the addition material. This addition is used so the erosion on the soil can be reduced, furthermore it also able to maintain the water quality used inside the pond to still be in good condition for longer period of time. You might already know that vannamei shrimp farming used to change the water inside the pond frequently. However with new and more advanced system that they develop now the water can be change less frequently without losing the quality of the water itself.
With the new system the bacterial flocs growth inside the pond also become abundant thus it will become a good food source for the shrimp to feed on. With good food source, now the supplier does not even need to add other food inside the pond anymore. But you should not have to worry as the product quality that resulted from this new system is actually better than before. Thus the Indonesia vannamei shrimp suppliers will be able to give the best quality product to be supplied globally all around the world.

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