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Complete Information about Vannamei Shrimp Classification

Learning about vannamei shrimp classification is important if you want to be more knowledgeable about this animal. You might only know about this shrimp as it is a popular item used as food. Furthermore, this shrimp has commonly being farmed all around the world as the demand for this food item is very large. In fact the demand for this food item continue to increase every year, thus the farm should also able to increase their production every year. They are quite lucky as the technology as well as knowledge that is build from years of farming make them able to increase the farm production every year.

Learn more about vannamei shrimp classification
Now let us talk more about the vannamei shrimp classification. This shrimp comes from animalia kingdom thus it is can be classified as animal. Then this shrimp is also included in Eumetazoa thus it is included inside metazoans classification. In their Bilateria form this shrimp is classified as symmetrical animal bilaterally. As it is a member inside bilateria, then their Protostomia can be classified in protostomes. As it is a member of protostomia animal then it is classified inside Ecdysozoa group. Furthermore this animal also included inside Arthropoda group for the Phylum classification, thus it is an arthropods.
Getting deeper on the vannamei shrimp classification, now you might already know that the shrimp is included inside Crustacea as the Subphylum. For the class, this shrimp is included inside the Maxillopoda as the class classification. In further detail of this class, this shrimp is included inside the Malacostraca as the class or you can also consider it as the sub class of the previous class classification. This sub class is actually the largest class inside the Crustacea as the Subphylum. The reason is because inside this class has around 40,000 species inside the classification.
Getting back to the vannamei shrimp classification, this shrimp is included inside Decapoda as the order classification. From this order classification information, now you can know that this shrimp has ten legs as this order consist of crustacean which as ten legs. This order is further classified into the sub order based on their gill as well as legs structure. And for this shrimp, it is included inside Dendrobranchiata as the sub order. Most decapoda which included inside this sub order are prawn which also includes many kinds of species which often called as shrimp like this vannamei shrimp.
Next vannamei shrimp classification is on their super family classification. This shrimp is included inside the Penaeoidea as the super family. There are eight other families within this super family classification, but three among those eight families is already extinct and only known from the record of their fossils as the real animal have never been seen before. For this vannamei shrimp, it is included inside Penaeidae as the family classification. There are 48 numbers of genera as well as 286 species inside this family classification and one of them is owned by this vannamei shrimp.
The vannamei shrimp itself is included inside Litopenaeus as the genus. There are five species inside this genus. However, before the usage of this classification, the Litopenaeus was not formally separated as a genus. Instead the Litopenaeus used to be included inside the Penaeus as the genus. However, after the reorganization of this genus, now the Litopenaeus is separated as an individual genus inside the Penaeidae as the family classification. Sadly this reorganization have not been accepted universally, thus you may even find vannamei shrimp which classified inside different genus which is the Penaeus as previous the genus.
Next vannamei shrimp classification that you should learn is about the species as this shrimp is included inside the Litopenaeus vannamei. Thus that species name is also used as this shrimp binomial name. However, as previously mention, there might be different species name that this shrimp is included on as there are some people that have not accept the new genus that this shrimp has. Thus the other species name that you might found for this shrimp is Penaeus vannamei even though this name is already changed. That concludes all information that you need about this shrimp classification. Now that you already knowledgeable about this vannamei shrimp product, then you should be able to classify it better.

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