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Easy to Make and Delicious Vannamei Shrimp Recipes

If you want to know several vannamei shrimp recipes, then you have come to the right place as we have the complete recipe here for you to try. These recipes are very simple and easy to make so you can try it by yourself at home. Do not worry as these recipes are also very delicious thus you will feel as if you are eating it in a restaurant instead of cooking it by yourself at home. You only need to prepare several ingredients that are easy to get from your local supermarket before trying to cook these dishes. Now let us see the complete recipe here.

Delicious and easy to make vannamei shrimp recipes
1.      Creamy pasta with vannamei shrimp recipes
-          Crème fraiche 100 gram
-          Garlic 2 cloves, peeled and finely chopped
-          Lemon 1 pcs, cut in half
-          Linguine 200 gram
-          Vannamei shrimp, 200 gram, raw and cleaned
-          Red onion 1 pcs, peeled, finely sliced
-          Vegetable stock, half cube
-          Zucchini 1 pcs
-          Chili flakes 1/2 teaspoon
-          Salt
-          Sugar
-          Pepper
-          Olive oil
Vannamei shrimp recipes cooking direction:
1.      Slice the zucchini lengthwise so until you reach the core. Then copped the core into block in bite size. Set them aside.
2.      Take half of the cut lemon then cut it again into wedges.
3.      Take a pot put it on high heat setting, pour in enough water then boil it and add a pinch of salt inside.
4.      After the water is boiled, and then put inside the linguine. Cook for around 8 until 10 minute until the pasta is cooked.
5.      After the pasta is cooked, take 150 ml from the boiling water then set it aside. Drain the pasta then set it aside.
6.      Take a wide non stick pan then put it on high heat.
7.      Pour in 1 tablespoon of the olive oil then heat it.
8.      Put inside the red onion then add sugar 1 teaspoon, and salt 1 teaspoon.
9.      Stir for around 4 minute then lower the heat into medium setting and still cook it for further 5 minute until it begin to caramelize.
10.  Add chili flakes, garlic, and zucchini core into the pan then cook for around 4 minute until it gets brown.
11.  Add the zucchini slices, and then cook it again for around 3 minutes.
12.  Add the vannamei shrimp and then cook it again for around 1 minute until the color start to turn into pink in the edge.
13.  Add the vegetable cube, and then crush it inside the pan. Add inside the reserved water from the pasta. Cook until the water is reduced mostly then you will be left with only thinly sauce.
14.  Take off the pan from the heat then add the crème fraîche and squeeze half of the remaining lemon inside. Add pepper to season.
15.  Add inside the pasta then stir to mix the entire ingredients.
16.  Take a plate, add the pasta then serve with the lemon wedges.
2.      Spicy buttery vannamei shrimp recipes
-          Butter 25 gram
-          Olive oil 2 tablespoon
-          Garlic, 3 cloves, chopped finely
-          Red chili, 1 pcs, chipped finely
-          Sweet paprika, 1/2 teaspoon
-          Vannamei shrimp, 12 to 20 pcs, shells on, cleaned
-          Lemon, 1 pcs take the juice
-          Parsley, 1 bunch, small size, chopped roughly
-          Crusty bread, 1 loaf, small size, warm before serve
Vannamei shrimp recipes cooking direction:
1.      Take a frying pan, and then put it on medium heat setting.
2.      Add the olive oil and the butter to melt.
3.      Add red chili, garlic and paprika, stir for around 2 minute until they begin to golden.
4.      Increase the heat setting, and then add the vannamei shrimp inside the pan. Stir constantly until they begin to turn into pink color.
5.      Turn off the heat and take the pan off.
6.      Add lemon juice along with the parsley then stir to mix.
7.      Serve along with the crusty bread.
Those are several vannamei shrimp recipes that you should try to make if you have more time to do it yourself instead of eating in the restaurant. Thus you can serve it for your close friends and family on dinner.

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