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Vannamei Indonesia Shrimp Production

Vannamei Indonesia suppliers are the second shrimp producer in the world. They are consists from small farmers to large manufacturers. The two different types of shrimp species that are largely produced by Indonesian shrimp suppliers are black tiger shrimp and the vannamei or white shrimp. These shrimps are cultivated by independent farmers or contracted farmers. They are raised in the large ponds or tanks and the vannamei live on the tank or pond floor. When the mature shrimp are harvested, they will be sold directly to the manufacturers or sometime via retailers and brokers. More information about the Indonesia white shrimp production is below.

About vannamei Indonesia seafood production
From small to large vannamei Indonesia shrimp suppliers, after the shrimp are growing up, they are selling to the wholesalers and brokers right at the market or other large manufacturers so the raw shrimp get processed. Vannamei shrimp is an excellent seafood production because they are growing quickly and have high survival rate. The white shrimp also resistant to disease and tolerate higher stocking densities. That’s why white shrimp can be harvested in tons each year and even when they are out of the season, farmed shrimp still can supply international market.
Indonesian vannamei shrimp suppliers are largely exported their seafood product to various countries. The export market is regulated by public standards and private standards so it is important for the suppliers follow their regulations in order to be able to export and ship their white shrimp seafood. Those standards are made to make sure the safety, traceability, and the quality of the vanname shrimp as well as other species of shrimp.
The larvae vannamei are filled to the ponds and tanks and then they are raised until mature and ready to be harvested. The white shrimp sold in both fresh and frozen shrimp in wide variety of packaging, such as peeled or unpeeled, head and tail on or off, peeled and deveined, raw or cooked/ pre-cooked, and many more. If you want to order from Vannamei Indonesia producers then you can ask for what variation they able to ship to you and whether there are ready stock.
Vannamei production also experience rapid increase in the market and this is why many many farmers and large suppliers of vannamei sold their product largely. Farmed vannamei shrimps can be found in many islands in Indonesia such as South Sulawesi, Lampung, and so on. If you can get your hands on the shrimp from first hand suppliers then you will be able to get the shrimp in much lower price than you purchasing from local supermarket or grocery stores at your countries because they are in fact sourced their shrimp and other seafood products by importing from Asian countries like Vannamei Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, China, and many more.
There are three ways to farm the vannamei shrimp from traditional, semi-modern, and modern farming method. Modern farming method cost more than the two other methods, however they are have high quality control and management so the safety and the quality can be depend on when you order them. When you successfully found preferred Vannamei Indonesia suppliers, you can contact them directly to ask for more information before ordering or you can simply send them your quotation.
If you buy from large suppliers, sometime there is minimum order that you need to follow, however if you really need large amount of vannamei in the business to business trade then it is okay to bulk order and you can even ask for discount price. The shrimp will be stored in set of temperature before they are delivered and exported to the importers. You may need to spend money to pay not only for the shipping cost alone, but also handling and storage cost.
It is best to get certified farmed shrimp because it can ensure you that they are being handled carefully using sustainable methods. You can find vannamei Indonesia suppliers via online or ask for recommendation. After that you can send your quotation and wait for their reply via email. If both of you deal with both terms and conditions then you can be able to make them your major supplier, but of course you need to find more than one Indonesian supplier as secondary shrimp supplier.

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