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Vannamei Shrimp Nutrition Facts and Healthy Benefits

This is some information regarding vannamei shrimp nutrition facts which consist of certain minerals, protein, and vitamins. Shrimp seafood is often linked to delicious and tasty ocean meat and they are also widely sold in the world. The shrimp can be eaten as many dishes from pan fried shrimp to the grilled shrimp. People often seeing the shrimp due to the taste only and they are concerned with the cholesterol contained in the shrimp. However, there are also some of nutrition shrimp facts that you need to know and the shrimp is not only beneficial because of the taste but for the nutrient contents as well.
List of vannamei shrimp nutrition facts
Shrimp actually has a lot of nutrition too and that’s why when you are in weight loss diet, you can include the shrimp in one of the diet menu dish, like shrimp salads or shrimp cocktail and other healthy recipes. Below are the vannamei shrimp nutrition facts which you can find in a serving (about 4 oz) of raw whiteleg shrimp:
-          15 percent of iron
-          6 percent of calcium
-          4 percent of vitamin A
-          4 percent of vitamin C
-          120 calories
-          2 gram of total fat
-          550 g sodium
-          23 gram of protein
-          1 gram of total carbs
Those nutrition lists provides many health benefits for consumers who eat the shrimp in moderate amount as part of their diet. When people eating the shrimp they tend to remove the shell but in fact, the shell is also contain some of the nutrition. For the people who want to eat delicious meal but concerned with the carbohydrates and calories then you do not need to be worried when consuming shrimp since they are low in both carbohydrates and calories. This is why shrimp is the popular option for dietary menu and it is also packed with high protein to help you manage your appetite and craving.
You can fill out your daily intakes for the protein, calcium, iron, vitamins, etc. by eating vannamei shrimp. Below are some of the healthy advantages of eating vannamei:
1.      Strengthen the bones
It all thanks to the amazing vannamei shrimp nutrition facts such as calcium, magnesium, and phosphorous; consuming shrimp product can bring some benefit to your bones and teeth by strengthen them.
2.      Lower cardiovascular risk
Maybe it is not be mentioned yet on the list above, but the shrimp just like fish containing omega 3 fatty acids. This mineral provides DHA and EPA that good for brain as well as helps to lower cardiovascular risk or prevent heart disease.
3.      Prevent cancers
You should know that vannamei shrimp nutrition facts contain minerals called selenium and it is an important component of antioxidant properties that help to fight against free radicals effect. These free radicals can cause cancers and in addition, selenium also helps to slow down tumor growth.
4.      Prevent hair loss
For those who suffer from hair loss then you need enough zinc intake in your daily life so you can prevent hair loss. Shrimp contain this mineral enzyme which contributes to the health of our hair. Furthermore, the zinc helps to create new cells including skins and hairs.
5.      Prevent anemia
Just like we already mentioned on the vannamei shrimp nutrition facts listed above, shrimp contains iron too and this mineral can help to prevent anemia by supporting red blood cells production in our body. Moreover, iron supports healthy brain too by increasing the oxygen flow to the brain.
There are still many vannamei shrimp nutrition facts benefits which you can gain when eating the whiteleg shrimp like:
-          Helps to improve brain memory
-          Helps to eliminate bad cholesterol
-          Anti-aging
-          Boosting energy
-          Supporting weight loss
-          Helps to treating AMD (Age Related Macular Degeneration)
-          Helps to give some relief to women in their menstrual cramps, etc.
With those vannamei shrimp nutrition facts benefits, there are no wonder that the shrimp is cherished by many people all around the world. They are not only gives good taste as super seafood, but they contain many nutrients as well to support overall body function. Hope this information regarding the nutrition fact of vannamei or whiteleg shrimp helps you understand more about why you need to eat the shrimp as part of a diet.

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