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Vannamei Shrimp Scientific Name Usage on Genus and Species

You might be interested to know about the vannamei shrimp scientific name as there is some controversy in this name. The vannamei shrimp actually already have many names but those are not the scientific names. Those names are actually the name used by people to informally call this shrimp especially since this shrimp is available in many countries. Thus people from different countries all have their own name which used to call this shrimp. That is the reason why, the scientific name is necessary to know, so even though people from all around the world uses different name to call this shrimp but there is only one scientific name that it has.

The importance of vannamei shrimp scientific name usage
This vannamei shrimp scientific name can be used to identify the exact animal without having any ambiguous word used to describe the shrimp. This scientific name can be use by people all around the world, so they can know the exact animal even though in the local language the vannamei shrimp may have different names. In the modern world, the usage of this scientific name is not only limited for scientific research, but many other people also uses it for easier interpretation of the shrimp that they discuss about.
For example in the shrimp market manufacture, the vannamei shrimp scientific name is used when they want to market the shrimp globally. The reason is because so people from other country know which shrimp that they will purchase. As the seller and the buyer may come from different countries, surely they have their own local name to call this shrimp. This make the marketing process become difficult as there might be different interpretation about the product that they sell and buy. But by using the scientific name in the marketing process, then both the seller as well as the buyer will know which product that they talk about when they are in the discussing process. Thus this will highly reduce wrong information or interpretation that the seller sell and the buyer want to purchase.
However, for common people that do not involved in the marketing or any other industry that involved this shrimp. Mostly they would not even use the vannamei shrimp scientific name. Instead they will use common known international name that this shrimp has such as whiteleg shrimp or king prawn as the name. As you see, both of those names are too common and might be interpreted differently as there is no exact identification that can be use. Still if both person coming from the same country, they most likely have the same interpretation about the shrimp, thus this common name is alright to use in daily conversation.
But for scientific purpose, then the scientific name usage is a must. As the science people want to be able to interpret the animal exactly as it is. Furthermore the scientific name usage will also able to help them know more about the genus and the species of the shrimp as scientific name actually consist of two words. That is why scientific name also called as binomial name which consist of two words. The first word is actually from the genus of the shrimp then the second word is actually from the species of the shrimp.
The vannamei shrimp scientific name is actually Litopenaeus vannamei. From this scientific name now you know that this shrimp comes from Litopenaeus as the genus and vannamei as the species. However, this scientific name used to be different thus you may sometimes found this shrimp still called by its old scientific name. The old scientific name is actually Penaeus vannamei. Based on this old scientific name, then you know that this shrimp comes from Penaeus as the genus and vannamei as the species. However, this old scientific name is not used anymore even though there are some that still does not want to acknowledge about this naming change.
That vannamei shrimp scientific name can change because there is a change in this shrimp genus. The Litopenaeus as the genus used to be included inside the Penaeus as the genus. But now it is already re-organized thus now the Litopenaeus stand as an individual genus. But you may sometimes still found people that use the old scientific name to call it.

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